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Bioprotect brands

‘Bioprotection of a brand’ is the primary application for VINIFLORA® malolactic cultures

When direct inoculation with VINIFLORA® malolactic bacteria was introduced in the 80s, several winemakers around the world decided to use our VINIFLORA® products in their iconic wines in France, California, Australia, Italy and Spain to ensure limiting the level of histamines to a minimum.

VINIFLORA® strains have been selected to prevent the production of biogenic amines such as histamine, putrescine, tyramine or cadaverine during malolactic fermentation. This feature has extremely high value for wines in general and particularly for wines that are kept by amateurs and restaurants for years and sometimes decades. 

Chr. Hansen is a pioneer and the leading company when it comes to bioprotection in wine, cider and fruit wines. Contact our team of experts if you want to know more about our applications and products in this highly innovative field.