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Creating value

How VINIFLORA® helps winemakers, wineries and wine merchants to optimize value creation

Our worldwide team of wine fermentation and fermented beverages experts constantly work on selecting, developing, producing and testing new natural products or new applications related to fermentation and bio-protection of fruit, vegetable and cereal-derived beverages.

For wine (or cider) producers, we work in close partnership with our customers on a large variety of projects such as:

  • How to avoid downgrades during the winemaking process
  • How to reduce sulfites (SO2) in wines or even remove SO2 from the winemaking process
  • How to avoid spoilage microorganisms, such as Brettanomyces, at both an early stage and during wine maturation
  • How to avoid biogenic amines such as histamine in final wines.

These projects generate various types of value, including economic value, whereby we not only create tangible know-how, new wines or new ways of making wines but also a new vision about how to create, reveal or optimize a grape’s or fruit’s potential through microbial solutions.

This focus on microbiology and fermentation is delivering a highly sustainable approach based on natural solutions backed by scientific facts, data and experimental results.


We have grouped values into two main document collections:

  • ‘’Save the good work done by the grape growers and the viticulturists’’: These cover the different solutions to protect and preserve the grapes’ potential as soon as they are harvested.

  • ‘’Add new, innovative, layers of consumer benefits”: These are the best ideas based on microbial solutions to make the wines that we would enjoy as both wine tasters and consumers, starting – obviously  with good, tasty wines containing far less sulfites for instance!

Select the value that best suits you – including both options!