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Commercial development through partnering

Create solutions with Chr. Hansen for tomorrows business

Why choose Chr. Hansen as your partner for commercial development?

A company built on science

  • We use nature’s own mechanisms to improve food and health. We believe in dedicated talent, and 14% of our employees work with Research and Development. We have application centers worldwide.

Chr. Hansen works closely with academia

  • We engage in scientific partnership with universities and research institutions to create new knowledge.

Chr. Hansen has high level of market insights

  • Due to our global presence and dedicate talent, we have the marketing, regulatory and technical insights that is needed to develop a common strategy outlook with our customers.

How does one work in a partnership with Chr. Hansen?

Innovation days dedicated our partners

  • We have several years of experience in arranging “Innovation Days.” Here, we bring your key people together with our very skilled employees for brainstorming and to develop a common strategy for new opportunities with a focus on your portfolio.

Customer driven innovation

  • We engage in more than 1000 development projects with our customers every year.

  • We have the culture and enzymes solutions, competences and tools to ensure optimal implementation for maximum value creation for our customers.

Employee training sessions for our partners

  • We have training and capabilities session with your people to help you improve from production to marketing of your products.

Embark in a partnership with Chr. Hansen, reach out and learn what it takes.