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Probiotic solutions for beef cattle

Our all-natural probiotic solutions help beef producers maintain the health and performance of their cattle while enabling a more sustainable operation

Today’s cattle producers are under pressure to produce more with less while ensuring the health and well-being of their herds. Also faced with strict regulations and an increased focus on reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock production, the need for resource efficiency and technological development and adoption, is more important than ever.

Building on almost 150 years of expertise with microbials (good bacteria), we have developed natural probiotic solutions for better silage quality and beef nutrition to address the challenges the modern beef producer meets and consumers’ desire. At Chr. Hansen Animal Health & Nutrition we have the know-how and products to assist all types of beef producers and business partners with a high degree of industry knowledge.


Our portfolio for beef cattle is a strong portfolio for farmers worldwide in their endeavor to obtain a more financial and environmental sustainable operation utilizing science-based, research-proven probiotics. Our natural solutions contain highly-selected strains of good bacteria that, when added to beef cattle diets, have been shown to provide several benefits:

  • Improves rumen nutrient utilization
  • Supports normal function of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Improves performance of the beef cattle herd
  • Better animal welfare.