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Creating value

Does quality and food safety ring a bell?

Quality and safety is at the center of what our cultures offer our customers as well as the focal point of our own production. The dedication and adherence to these principles has been a guiding star for decades, and it has brought Chr. Hansen to a leading position within the industry. Our cultures will eliminate the influence of the uncontrollable native flora and provide the requested uniform quality and food safety – from batch to batch.

Chr. Hansen was among the first companies to produce meat cultures, and today we are considered the world leader in culture production and application; a position also built on:

  • Documented products with full traceability
  • Consistent performance
  • Technical support
  • Unrivaled supply chain

Consumers increasingly demand safe and natural foods. Consequently, a range of cultures have been developed to apply and create a positive eco-system across numerous meat, poultry and seafood applications.