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Our products

Learn about our various product ranges for dairy products e.g. YOFLEX®, EXACT®, NU-TRISH® and more

Chr. Hansen is constantly working on providing the global market with new cultures that meet the requirements for high quality, cost effectiveness, consistency, safety and flexibility in modern yogurt production. At our application centers, we also work with cultures that are adjusted to local demands and help customers combine dairy cultures with colors and flavors.

Our cultures and enzymes range for fermented milk products: 

  • YOFLEX® is a series of mixed, single-strain cultures specifically for use in yogurt. These cultures form the best fundamental basis for thermophilic dairy applications, such as stirred, set, drinkable and concentrated yogurt.

  • EXACT® is a range that consists of mainly mesophilic cultures. They are used in cultured-milk products such as buttermilk, kefir, sour cream, quark, cream cheese and tvorog.

  • NU-TRISH® is a range that consists of single strains or convenient culture blends for probiotic dairy products.

  • FRESHQ® are bioprotective cultures is an all-natural way to reduce the risk of spoilage caused by yeast and mold contamination, thereby protecting brand value and lowering quality-issue-related costs for dairies.

  • SWEETY® cultures convert the naturally occurring sugars in milk, using more of the lactose and leaving glucose. Glucose provides sweetness, meaning that less sugar needs to be added for the same sweetness intensity of the final fermented milk product.