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Bioprotection to naturally preserve the good work done by grape growers and viticulturists

Monitor and drive your fermentations to avoid bad surprises at a later stage!

Managing alcoholic fermentation and malolactic fermentation are the most natural manipulations once the grapes have been harvested. Time is running against the winemaking team, as wild flora of molds, bacteria or yeasts may have a detrimental effect on musts and wines. 

This is the reason why we have developed the concept of bio-protection for grapes, musts and wines, helping wineries to preserve the potential held in the fruit.

We primarily answer three types of questions: 

  • How to avoid or limit downgrades during the winemaking process? 

  • How to avoid spoilage microorganisms installation by Acetobacter, Hanseniaspora, Brettanomyces or Pediococcus, such as during an early stage and then during wine maturation?

  • How to positively impact wine’s final sensory profile: color, flavors and mouth feel, while maintaining its authenticity?

Select the topic that will deliver the most value to your company: