Mozzarella range

Pasta Filata

Looking for a solution for delicious pizza cheese or fresh mozzarella balls?

Cheese producers have continuously focused on cheese yield and functional properties, such as meltability, stretching, browning, oiling off; and these functionalities span mozzarella/pizza cheeses for home use, restaurant chains and frozen pizzas.

Many consumers likely view pizza as an occasional indulgence that allows them to forget about healthy ingredients and simply enjoy an infrequent or semi-frequent treat. Indeed, 54% of US respondents agree that it is worthwhile to spend more on higher-quality, store-bought pizza than regular store-bought pizza, indicating that users are more concerned with quality than with healthfulness.

Product differentiation; DVS® and EASY-SET™ cultures create value for cheese producers by product differentiation of their cheese product in the commodity pizza-cheese market. This includes functionality e.g., increased browning control and stretchability based on culture attributes and functionality for the traditional markets, but it also covers needs from new regions such as South East Asia. 

Process improvement: DVS® and EASY-SET™ safeguard process improvements via extreme robustness against bacteriophages, while securing lower unit costs and higher throughput of final cheese in interaction with cheese technology.

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