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Working at Chr. Hansen

Learn what it's like working at Chr. Hansen 

Chr. Hansen is a global modern Danish company with a strong cultural heritage accumulated from our almost 150 years in business. Our founder was a true entrepreneur with an international mindset, and that mentality is still very present. Despite double-digit growth rates in recent years, we are still a non-hierarchical and agile organization that strives to promote a collaborative culture imbued with respect and helpfulness towards customers, colleagues and all other stakeholders.

Our best ambassadors

Our employees are the root to our success and at the same time our best ambassadors. As an organization we wish to foster an inspiring and challenging work environment with a good work-life balance. We want Chr. Hansen to be a place where people are proud to work.


Our culture

Over our almost 150-year history, we have been building our culture and that’s what makes it unique to us. Our Chr. Hansen culture is articulated in the form of a culture model, consisting of four cultural drivers that guide our ambitions and actions at work. Installing a shared understanding and articulation of our culture enables us to speak with one voice, moving forward to the future, while staying true to the values that got us here. 


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  Open Close

At Chr. Hansen, we strive to have a diverse workforce, performing in an engaged, innovative and open-minded culture where each employee’s unique differences are valued. It is something we feel strongly about, and we want to strengthen our efforts around diversity and inclusion.

With our participation in Copenhagen Pride for the first time in August 2022, Chr. Hansen is engaging in the LGBTQ+ agenda on a corporate level. In today’s world it is increasingly important that we feel accepted and included for who we are. We should all feel comfortable bringing our full self to work every day.

This event is one of many initiatives that focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion. Chr. Hansen has made good progress with our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts so far, but we’re not done yet and we’re continuously developing and taking more actions. Being present and having a voice at the Copenhagen Pride this summer is an important additional step.

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A safe work environment Open Close

In Chr. Hansen we are committed to creating a safe physical and psychological work environment. Using globally implemented safety concepts and systems, we focus on creating a safety mindset with all employees making our employees feel safe while working.

Take 5!

Our global safety concept, Take 5, reminds our employees to take a moment to assess the situation and the immediate work environment before beginning the work. In its simple form, this is about activating the mind before the hands to reduce the risk of preventable incidents. The concept has been rolled out across all Chr. Hansen sites and has successfully reduced work accidents.

Hansen Health – A health and connectivity program  Open Close

The challenges we are facing during the coronavirus situation impact our lives in many ways, and not least affect our ability to connect with each other. And as travel restrictions and working from home continue to be part of our every-day lives, staying connected with colleagues can be challenging.

To enable our employees to stay connected and be mindful of their health and well-being we’ve created the Hansen Health concept.

Hansen Health consists of several initiatives like inspirational talks, short exercise videos by our employees and a health and activities app with energy-boosting activities, team competitions and different challenges to help bring us together – even though we are working apart.


Employee satisfaction Open Close

At Chr. Hansen, we believe that our employees’ well-being is a critical part of ensuring that we remain a great place to work. 

We are proud of saying that we have engaged employees! Based on data from our recent engagement survey we got 8,4 on a 10-point scale, which place us in the top 10% of all the companies using the same survey provider (a database with more than 440.000 survey responses). 

Our recipe for engagement is to keep focusing on it and making sure that all people leaders have engagement at the top of their agendas. To do that, we measure engagement three times a year and we encourage leaders and teams to discuss engagement as part of their regular dialogues. Every survey round, leaders at all levels review their results and decide with the team on specific topics that they want to take action on to keep improving Chr. Hansen as a workplace.

Having highly engaged employees is key for current and future business success and it is more fun to keep connectivity, both physically at the workplace and virtually for people working from home. 


Attractive compensation policy and benefit system Open Close

It is important to us to attract, engage and retain employees with the experience and knowledge needed to reach our strategic goals, while supporting our company culture. Our salaries, compensation policy and benefit systems reflect that.

We provide an attractive salary, financial and non-financial reward elements, and a pension ensuring that you are well protected in your retirement phase of life. Our benefits packages vary by country based on local practice, but they all reflect the skills and performance of our employees, as well as their contribution to our company.

The world’s best colleagues

We are proud to offer a work environment with highly engaged colleagues who are among the world’s best within their expertise. In addition, our people managers are highly appraised in our annual employee satisfaction survey.

Healthy people are happy people

In Chr. Hansen we are passionate about improving food and health. This goes for our employees as well. We believe that healthy employees are happy employees. That is why we offer our employees the best opportunities to have a healthy work life.

Depending on location, we offer e.g. a healthy lunch buffet, private medical insurance, access to well-equipped fitness centers, as well as active sports to name a few.

Our employees also enjoy getting to know each other at cultural events, fun team building activities and family days.


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