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Working at Chr. Hansen

Learn what it's like working at Chr. Hansen, explore employee facts and numbers, and read about our on-boarding program for new employees

Chr. Hansen is a global modern Danish company with a strong cultural heritage accumulated from our 144 years in business. Our founder was a true entrepreneur with an international mindset, and that mentality is still very present. Despite double-digit growth rates in recent years, we are still a non-hierarchical and agile organization that strives to promote a collaborative culture imbued with respect and helpfulness towards customers, colleagues and all other stakeholders.

Our best ambassadors

Our employees are the root to our success and at the same time our best ambassadors. As an organization we wish to foster an inspiring and challenging work environment with a good work-life balance. We want Chr. Hansen to be a place where people are proud to work. 

Facts about us

Chr Hansen Employee Infographic

On-boarding program

When you join us as a new employee we always make sure to run a good on-boarding program to give you the best possible start to your new job. When located in Denmark you will participate in a 2-day introduction seminar, a half day introducing you to our IT systems and extensive intranet and you will also be teamed up with a “buddy” from your department. 

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