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Our probiotic strains

Benefit from the world’s most documented probiotic strains 

At Chr. Hansen, we’re proud to offer the world’s most documented probiotic strains. And we don’t stop there. Through further scientific investigation and clinical trials, we continue to build data, advance our science and strengthen the commercial power of our strains. We invest in science not only through large clinical trials but also a state-of-the-art internal scientific research program. As the human health probiotic powerhouse, we are obliged to drive the probiotics market to new levels.

With initiatives like The Probiotics Institute, we aim to build greater awareness and understanding of probiotics. By creating a resource that helps make science accessible, we help consumers, health care professionals and customers navigate through the complex world of probiotics.


A range of documented health benefits for all ages

We have more than 100 years of expertise in the development of probiotics for the human microbiome. Our probiotic strains provide a range of health benefits for people of all ages, ranging from pre-term babies to the elderly.


SCIENCE by Chr. Hansen

If you are looking for high-quality and well-documented premium strains, explore our comprehensive SCIENCE by Chr. Hansen range. These strains are supported by human clinical data, are safe to consume, and are IP and trademark protected.

The SCIENCE by Chr. Hansen range includes the world’s most documented probiotics strains.

POWERED by Chr. Hansen 

Our POWERED by Chr. Hansen range features a selection of probiotic strains that are often requested from customers, and they all have proven safety, quality, and stability.

  • L. plantarum, UALp-05™
  • L. casei, UALc-03™
  • L. paracasei, UALpc-04™
  • L. rhamnosus, Lrha51™
  • L. acidophilus, UALa-01™
  • L. reuteri, UALre-16™
  • L. fermentum, Lfer67™
  • B. bifidum UABb-10™
  • S. thermophilus, UASt-09™.

Get help choosing the right probiotic strain

When you choose Chr. Hansen probiotic strains, you are choosing flexibility. You can choose a ready-to-go product, or together we can customize a unique probiotic solution or product that meets your specific needs and maximizes your market differentiation. We will therefore ensure you have what you need, depending on your target population, the dosage form and the probiotic health area (i.e. area of intended effect). Of course, all of our offerings are backed by science.


LGG®, BB-12®, DDS-1®, L. CASEI 431®, UABla-12, UREX, RC-14®, GR-1®, ASTARTE, LRC®, LA-5® and TH-4® are trademarks of Chr. Hansen A/S. F-19® is a trademark of Arla Foods AB used by Chr. Hansen under license.



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