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Dosage forms and packaging options

Our integrated probiotic solutions provide producers with a wide selection of dosage forms and packaging options, enabling easy creation of the perfect probiotic product

At Chr. Hansen, we know that the solutions we offer must be as unique as the customers we serve. We provide a wide range of dosage forms and packaging options for our customers to choose from, enabling easy creation of the perfect probiotic product.

The probiotics we create can be used across a variety of distinct dosage forms, enabling you to select the best solution that meets the unique needs of your consumers.


Dosage forms

The dosage forms include the following:  

  • Powder blends for infant formula: These probiotic powder blends are produced in adherence with the highest quality standards and can be easily incorporated into recipes for infant formula. 

  • Oil drops: Probiotic oil drops are ideal for delivering probiotics to infants. The oil drops are precisely dosed using the built-in dropper and can be stored at room temperature. Our oil drops are designed for easy and convenient use and only require a bit of shaking before use. Oil drops feature a clean label and are packaged in amber glass bottles to protect delicate strains from light. 

  • Powder: Probiotic powder is a water-soluble dosage form that can be easily mixed into a favorite food or beverage for direct consumption. Powders are ideal for consumers of all ages and can be especially beneficial for those who may have trouble swallowing pills.  

  • Capsules: Vegetable-based capsules of probiotics are available in multiple sizes including 00, 0, 1 and 3. We also offer options for delayed-release capsules, as well as clear, colored and titanium oxide-free options. Capsules are meant to be an easy-to-swallow dosage form that maximizes probiotic survivability throughout the stomach. 

  • Chewable tablets: Chewable tablets are available in a variety of flavors for children and adults. Standard tablets are round, but they can be created in a number of different sizes and forms for producers seeking something different.  

  • Lozenges: We also offer a lozenge form for products focused on oral health. Lozenges provide a convenient way for consumers to take their daily probiotics on the go. 

  • DryCap shots: DryCap shots offer a serving each of liquid and probiotics, where each is stored separately in a bottle and aluminum blister packaging. This separation preserves the benefits of the probiotics until just before consumer is ready to take them, at which point the two ingredients can be combined, briefly shaken and then consumed.  

Packaging options

We offer an extensive line of packaging options for all of our probiotic applications. All are designed to protect the finished products and support optimal probiotic viability

  • Stability shield vials: This desiccant vial is an innovative packaging solution that forms a desiccant layer around the entire vial to protect probiotic products from moisture and offer an environment optimal for probiotic viability until products are consumed. Stability shield vials are available in a variety of sizes and can be designed with both screw and flip tops. 

  • Amber glass bottles: Amber glass bottles are a traditional packaging option designed to protect from moisture and light. These bottles include a desiccant, Lift ‘n Peel induction seal, screw cap and neck band for optimal stability. They are available in multiple sizes. 

  • Aluminum bottles: Aluminum bottles are an alternative to polymer-based vials or glass bottles. They offer a high humidity barrier protect from moisture and light and contain additional desiccant in the lid for enhanced protection from moisture.  

  • Stick packs: Stick packs are an option used for probiotic powders and are available in a variety of sizes. This packaging type provides a convenient single serving dose of probiotic powder that can easily be mixed into a food or beverage, or consumed directly. 

  • T-Win® stick: The T-Win® stick is a double stick pack that offers customers the ability to sell a combination product, where the probiotics are packaged separately from other active ingredients and can be mixed in just prior to consumption.  

  • Alu-Alu blisters pack: Blister packs are available in multiple sizes and include Alu-Alu, a multilayered structure designed to protect light-sensitive contents, such as probiotic supplements. These are an ideal option for travel and single-serve products, and the individual packaging of each serving preserves the freshness and stability of any unopened units. 

Have something else in mind? We want to hear from you! Reach out to your local sales representative and let us help you design the perfect product. 


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