Probiotic production manufacturing machinery

Probiotics manufacturing

Our probiotics manufacturing process is optimized for maximum viability and top-quality results

When you partner with Chr. Hansen, you gain access to a team of experts who will work to meet all of your manufacturing needs as you incorporate probiotics backed by science into your products. As a fully integrated supplier, we offer a wide range of capabilities depending on your needs.

Our fully integrated model enables us to offer a range of probiotics from STRAIN TO SOLUTION. Read more about our production process and how we control quality from start to finish. 


  • With four probiotic facilities dedicated to the manufacture of high-quality probiotics, you can be sure that every step of the process, every piece of equipment and every environmental factor is taken into consideration and designed for probiotic viability.

  • With in-house finished good production, our team of experts will work with you not only to identify the best probiotic strains to meet your needs, but also to select the best dosage form and packaging type for your customers, all while maintaining top quality and stability.  

  • Top-quality processes ensure top-quality outcomes. Each of our facilities has passed third-party inspections and received the appropriate certifications.  

  • In pursuit of our commitment to excellence, we continue to expand our industry involvement by increasing memberships in industry organizations and staying up to date in adherence to all regulatory requirements. Furthermore, we stay on top of the latest industry recommendations so that we can update our own practices and empower our customers to do the same. 

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