Application lab

Ensuring the quality of our products in the field

Understanding the mode of action and feasibility of our products under different situations in the field helps us improve our solutions for our customers. 

Our Global Application Laboratories play a vital role in ensuring the quality, traceability and permanence of our bacterial strains in the field. 

Customers and growers are sometimes concerned about the validity of biologicals and the Application Labs are unique in their ability to actually analyze our products and confirm the presences of our bacteria in the treated plants.

The labs also perform tests that determine the compatibility of our products with different chemicals and mixtures, an important service for those utilizing integrated pest management for example.

Supporting the development team
The labs aim to document the efficacy of Chr. Hansen biologicals and support our customers with personalized technical support.

The expertise of the labs is also called upon to provide in-house scientific support to the Plant Health team through experiments or technical training.


“The ability to detect the strains after field application is one way to ensure the product’s quality, traceability and permanence."

Jaqueline de Almeida, Application Team Lead, Chr. Hansen.


Application lab
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