Multiple sucking piglets

Probiotic solutions for sows and piglets

Supporting nutrient availability and normal intestinal functions in sows and suckling litters, our probiotic products can be a natural, safe and sustainable part of your business

The profitability of a sow unit is highly dependent not just on the reproductive performance of sows but also on the viability of the piglets during the lactation period. Probiotics are important for productivity in the breed-to-wean unit, as they help the sows and suckling piglets to achieve and maintain a balanced and well-functioning intestinal tract during gestation and throughout lactation to the point of weaning. 

Our natural probiotic solutions contain highly selected strains of Bacilli. When fed to sows throughout the entire reproductive or lactation cycles, our products have proven to support the optimal performance of both sows and growing piglets. Daily feeding of our effective probiotics supports the stability of the digestive tract, increases the availability of nutrients, and reduces the risk of harmful bacteria. 


Our probiotic solutions have been proven to support:

  • Optimal productivity and robustness of sows
  • Efficient utilization of feed during gestation
  • Livability of piglets.

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