Dairy and meat alternatives

Meet the consumer demand for tasty, healthy and sustainable plant-based options

At Chr. Hansen, we have spent almost 150 years harnessing the power of nature to help producers create foods that are safe, fresh and delicious. Our VEGA cultures offer producers all-natural solutions for crafting superior plant-based products.

In May 2021, we launched Chr. Hansen’s VEGA brand by introducing the VEGA Culture Kit designed specifically for plant-based products and with a focus on dairy alternatives. But that was just the beginning! Research and development continued, and in April 2022 we entered the meat alternatives space, launching additional VEGA cultures designed to keep plant-based meat alternatives fresh and safe for longer.  

VEGA offers natural solutions that deliver on the key consumer drivers most relevant for the alternative proteins space: 

The VEGA™ Philosophy

The cultures in VEGA™ have been created with a philosophy of keeping it simple for producers, while providing the flexibility to be creative. Our cultures are specifically designed to ferment robustly across a wide range of plant bases, so producers can focus on the features they want rather than manufacturing performance.  

VEGA  is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S.


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