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Sustainable sourcing 

At Chr. Hansen, sustainability is a natural part of our sourcing DNA. We work towards a sustainable and responsible supply chain, working collaboratively with our suppliers as well as making it a part of the end-to-end procurement process.

Throughout our business relationships and supply chains we have defined a set of Supplier Requirements to Sustainability to clearly inform suppliers, business partners and anyone conducting work on behalf of Chr. Hansen, on their expected social and environmental performance. All major suppliers go through an approval process in which sustainability performance is assessed. This is not just to keep our own house in order, but also to encourage our suppliers to act responsibly.

All suppliers are expected to disclose their climate action maturity and other environmental and social sustainability actions, on our supplier engagement and sustainability risk assessment platform ’Responsibly’.

We are committed to working together with our suppliers to ensure a more sustainable future. Read below about our specific actions:


Climate action

We take responsibility for our value chain emissions (Scope 3), which includes emissions at our suppliers while producing and transporting our purchased goods and services.  In 2022 we launched a dedicated 'Supplier Engagement Program' as part of our decarbonization roadmap to meet our Science-based targets for 2030.

  • We measure emissions (Scope 3) using a dedicated third-party validated carbon measurement tool.
  • We collect primary supplier emission data through supplier engagement to improve our greenhouse gas measurements in scope 3.
  • We engage with our key suppliers on specific initiatives to drive decarbonization.
  • We promote action and support suppliers who are early in the journey.


Responsible sourcing 

Sustainability is integrated as an evaluation parameter for our suppliers in sourcing as well as performance reviews. We use the platform Responsibly, to collect supplier ESG data and perform risk assessments.



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