Chicken heard

Probiotic solutions to support optimal intestinal function

Supporting normal gastrointestinal functions and the robustness of gut microbiota, our probiotics can be a natural, safe and sustainable part of your business

Disease prevention is a top concern in modern poultry production. Uncontrolled clostridiosis in production systems can have a massive impact on production costs. Protecting poultry from Clostridium perfringens is a crucial task for producers.

When fed daily, our unique probiotic solutions help establish and support normal microbial populations within the bird’s digestive tract. By forming biofilms, probiotics shield the epithelial lining of the gut, allowing it to develop and function normally. This will ultimately lead to more efficient performance and maximize the producers’ profit potential.


Our probiotic solutions have been associated with several benefits:

  • Supporting normal intestinal integrity and function
  • Supporting microbiome robustness
  • Maintaining a healthy intestinal environment.

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