Case studies

Bionematicide case studies

Controlling nematodes and improving stress tolerance

Protection from the devastating effects of nematodes is vital in helping farmers get the most out of their crops. 

The video below clearly demonstrates the power of bionematicides to not just control nematode populations but also improve plant growth and tolerance to drought stress. Untreated soybean plants were compared with soybean plants treated with PRESENCE® biological nematicide during a period of just over 90 days. 


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More yield and significantly fewer nematode eggs

The results speak for themselves. Studies comparing our Plant Health products with other products on coffee and soy reveal a significant increase in yield and reduction in nematodes eggs.

An overall increase of 13% in yield in soy

Increase of 13% in yield in soy graph

An overall increase of 23% in yield in coffee

Increase of 23% in yield in coffee graph
Infobox nematode damage
Infobox Crop loss



Clearly effective

The application of Chr. Hansen Plant Health products has a clear effect on the reduction of nematodes.

Area not treated over three-year period

Area treated over three-year period

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