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Proven products

Chr. Hansen Plant Health products are developed and distributed in collaboration with our business partners.

The combination of their extensive agricultural expertise and Chr. Hansen’s unique scientific know-how provides the best microbial solutions available for today's growers.

Our vast experience in working with the bacillus bacteria means that we can offer tried and tested products that truly perform. Not only do they provide increased crop yields and protection against diseases, our products are also easy to mix and have an extremely long shelf life. 


We provide biological solutions in the following three categories


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  • Stronger and more robust plants and roots
  • Better water and nutrient efficiency
  • Better tolerance to abiotic stress.


  • Protection against soil diseases
  • Protection against foliar diseases.


  • Protecting roots from nematode attacks
  • Diverting nematodes
  • Limiting signaling molecules.


Developed and distributed in collaboration with our business partners, our market-leading solutions are proven to make a difference.

QUARTZO® is an in-furrow bionematicide that protects crops from nematodes and increases crop yields.


PRESENCE® is a seed treatment bionematicide that protects plants from root-knot nematodes and helps increase water use efficiency.


NEMIX® C is a biostimulant that improves the health and robustness of a variety of crops.


INTENSE® is a biofertilizer for use on crops such as sugarcane, corn, potato and vegetables. It promotes the health of plants and helps them to tolerate stresses.

ATTIS® is a microbial inoculant that aims to improve yield and biomass potential in silage crops.


ATTIS® and NEMIX® are registered trademarks of Chr. Hansen A/S; QUARTZO® and PRESENCE® are registered trademarks of the FMC Corporation; INTENSE® is a registered trademark of Matra Asia (Pvt) Ltd.

Proven product benefits

  • Increased crop yield, robustness and plant fitness
  • Improved seed and root system stability, as well as water use efficiency
  • Protection against yield loss from abiotic stresses such as drought
  • Easy to handle, transport and store
  • Highly concentrated biological products, safe and non-genetically modified
  • Compatible with chemical treatments
  • Long shelf life (24 months).


These solutions provide a very consistent and positive yield effect.

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Explore how our biostimulant products help protect crops against disease as well as increase yields.



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