Picture of tractor receiving corn


Chr. Hansen has launched four products within Plant Health to date. All of these products have been developed, created and launched as part of the collaboration between Chr. Hansen and FMC. 

The collaboration has launched four products:

  • NEMIX® C is an inoculant for sugarcane in Brazil, increasing plant robustness and yield, while protecting the plants against harmful attacks.
  • CAPTURE™ LFR® Plus VGR™ is a combination product for Corn in the US, consisting of a chemical insecticide and a bacterium strengthening the root system of the plants and ultimately increasing yield.
  • QUARTZO® is a bionematicide for in-furrow use in Brazil, increasing the yield of various crops
  • PRESENCE® is our first seed treatment solution. The product is a bionematicide intended for soybean, corn, cotton, beans and others

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