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Answering winemakers’ and consumers’ demands with VINIFLORA®

Working in partnership with Chr. Hansen gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We strive to understand Nature’s own processes and to apply this knowledge to help wine and cider producers make better, healthier products and to optimize production processes, preserving the inherent natural qualities in their raw materials.

As an addition to these scientific and technical skills, we also strive to understand the now global beverage market and capture the main trends that will globally affect fermented beverages like wine and cider in the short, mid or long-term future.

Our market research department has identified four main trends that are changing the game in today’s wine market, where fermentation and bio-protection with VINIFLORA® can have a major impact for consumers:

  1. Pure, Nature trend: boosts the demand for more natural, Low to No sulfite wines
  2. Health: demand is growing for more digestible, lower-alcohol wines
  3. Health: the demand for low-histamine red wines is growing in advanced markets
  4. Value for money: consumers are demanding better ‘promise-consistency’ per bottle.

Choose the trend that suits your business the most and see how VINIFLORA® and Chr. Hansen’s fermented beverages team can help you reach that goal.

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