Red wine with a pulse

Healthier wines

Associating health concerns and wine consumption may be seen as being quite a paradox! Well… it’s not.

Since the French paradox was discovered, studied and widely commented on around the world, we know that a frequent and moderate red-wine consumption may reduce some health risks and be generally beneficial. 

Today, the main concerns raised by wine consumers are much more about:

  • Reducing the level of alcohol to get more digestible wines

  • Lowering biogenic amines to the lowest possible levels, particularly histamine in order to reduce “red-face syndrome,” which is often associated with the consumption of wine in some populations

Chr. Hansen in partnership with our customers has been extremely active in the past decade on these two key topics in developing solutions to reduce alcohol content and histamine concentration in final wines through microbial and therefore natural solutions.

Discover how VINIFLORA® solutions can help answer the demand for healthier wines.

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