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Customer centricity and care

At Chr. Hansen, we establish long-term partnerships with our customers to help you achieve your goals

When you partner with Chr. Hansen, you gain the support of an entire team of experts who are on a mission to improve health and wellbeing through microbiome-based probiotic solutions. At Chr. Hansen, we put our existing and future customers at the center of all our actions.  
Understanding each customer, their individual needs, requirements, markets and regulations is key to meet their needs. Our customers’ demands and future business guides us in the development and innovation of new productssolutions and concepts.

We care about the health of end users and the long-term partnerships we establish with you to help you improve the health of the consumers who buy your products.


We’re proud to have customers all over the world, and we greatly value your first-hand understanding of the local end consumers that you serve. Every market is unique – from local trends and regulations to individual dosage and flavor preferences.


By building a long-term partnership with you, we can develop microbiome-based probiotic solutions that address both your current requirements and future business needs. 


Adapting with fast and agile solutions

We understand that all customers' needs differ – not only from one another but on a case-to-case basis.  

Chr. Hansen is uniquely qualified to adapt to any change with fast and agile solutions based on our comprehensive probiotic knowledge. And our team of probiotic experts is ready to embark on deep dives and co-develop new solutions with our valued partners. 



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Flexible, targeted options with high-quality production

We offer a growing portfolio of probiotic strains, an ever-evolving variety of delivery forms and vast experience in formulating with alternate ingredients. And we take pride in our ability to provide flexible, targeted options along with our "STRAIN TO SOLUTIONTM" value chain.


Our high-quality production process is gentle enough to keep probiotic bacteria intact and fully alive – which they must be in order to have the desired results.

Team up with our experts

When you partner with Chr. Hansen, you gain the support of an entire team of experts who are on a mission to improve health and wellbeing through microbiome-based probiotic solutions.

For more than a century, we have focused on probiotics, giving us unmatched knowledge of core and emerging health areas throughout all life's stages.


Supporting your growth journey 

Our team around the world is ready to collaborate with you. We are eager to support your growth journey and assist as you differentiate your products in an increasingly competitive landscape.





This communication is only intended for business-to-business and health care professionals. This communication is not intended for consumers of final consumer goods. Nothing on this page is meant to be perceived as an approved claim.

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