Probiotics and oral health

Chr. Hansen offers convenient and scientifically documented probiotic lozenges that may support oral health. The probiotic lozenges include the two well documented LGG® and L. CASEI 431® probiotic strains and arginine.

Market challenge


Oral health challenges and dental cavities affect a large number of people worldwide and are substantially caused by a lack of sufficient oral hygiene combined with certain diet and lifestyle choices. They are particularly prevalent in developed countries such as the US and Europe, often due to high sugar consumption. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dental cavities have risen to be the number 1 non-transferable condition in the world.1

Dental cavities are the result of plaque forming on the surface of the teeth. Acid-producing bacteria can adhere to the plaque, converting some of the sugars in food and drinks into acids that break down the tooth over time. The global oral health care market is growing and expected to continue its growth journey.



Children, teens with braces, and the elderly are at higher risk of oral health conditions 

People of all ages can get dental cavities, but some groups have a higher risk of developing cavities than others.1

  • More than 60% of schoolchildren around the world experience dental cavities at some point4
  • Thinner enamel and less mineralization in primary teeth put children at higher risk for dental cavities5, 6
  • Wearing braces increases plaque levels by up to three times compared to people not wearing braces, indicating a higher risk of cavities7
  • 27% of adults in the United States have an unattended tooth condition8 
  • Dental root exposal as well as reduced salvia production promotes the occurrence of dental cavities. These are common in the elderly population, increasing their risk of developing dental cavities9, 10

Chr. Hansen’s solution

LGG® L. Casei 431® logos

Chr. Hansen now introduces probiotic lozenges that dissolve in the mouth. It is a convenient solution with scientifically documented ingredients for the maintenance of dental health. The unique combination of the world’s most documented probiotic strain LGG® and the L. CASEI 431® probiotic strain has been shown to reduce the amount of acid producing bacteria in the mouth. Acid producing bacteria are known to be a risk factor to dental cavities.

Chr. Hansen’s probiotic lozenges can be used by both adults and children from the age of three, in addition to the regular oral hygiene routine. Lozenges allow for a prolonged release time in the mouth. The lozenges dissolve in the mouth with a pleasant strawberry-vanilla flavor. The Chr. Hansen probiotic lozenges are made with colors from natural sources and are without artificial preservatives.




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