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Wine: release nature’s potential with VINIFLORA®

Making good, great or iconic wines requires much more than just growing the right grapes on the right soil under the right climatic conditions. In addition to the winemaking team, an invisible army of microbes also takes part in the process from the time the vine is planted in the soil until the wine is served. These microbes are then driven by winemakers while in the winery.

Indeed, a wide array of busy microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and yeasts, plays key roles at all stages of grape cultivation (viticulture) and wine production (vinification).


Living organisms can be divided into three main categories:

  1. beneficial
  2. neutral
  3. potentially harmful

to the wine’s final quality and occasionally for the safety of the final product.

Chr. Hansen has been both a pioneer and a leading player in this area for viticulturists and winemakers, helping this highly technical community to better understand wine microorganisms and their interactions. We take our evolving knowledge and apply it to the management of alcoholic and malolactic fermentations to fully release nature’s potential using specialty yeasts and bacteria to ferment and protect grapes, musts or wines.


Bioprotection in winemaking
‘’Bioprotection in winemaking’’ is the latest key concept launched by Chr. Hansen within the wine industry and forges a link between science and the different wine communities who normally do not speak to each other whether they be biodynamic wineries, organic grape growers and winemakers, or some of the largest wine companies in the world.

All the knowledge generated by this focus on microorganisms and wine fermentations then benefits winemakers and wineries, as they manage these communities of microorganisms once the grapes enter the winery.

We believe that this focus on fermentation and microbial population management help preserves the grapes’ initial quality, creating better wines for consumers in a more sustainable way for society at large.


Information about winemaking
If you’d like to know more about fermentation or bio-protection in winemaking and protective cultures for musts and wines, this website is for you. You will find the most advanced and up-to-date scientific data on metagenomics viticulture and winemaking, microbiology in winemaking, fermentation management in winemaking, use of Torulaspora, Kluyveromyces, Pichia, Saccharomyces, Oenococcus and Lactobacillus species to ferment and protect through new applications of natural, living organisms.

Chr. Hansen’s range of products dedicated to winemakers and cider producers is named VINIFLORA®.


This website highlights several examples of products and applications

  • Our award-winning, innovative selection of specialty yeasts: the new frontier in alcoholic fermentation!
  • A range of unique enological bacteria, most having exclusive features.
  • Superior nutrients for malolactic fermentation.
  • Guidelines for applying these products in various winemaking situations.
  • Clear insights on how a wine’s initial qualities have been preserved and how the final wine constitutes a better and healthier alternative.

Find answers to your questions and much more by directly contacting Chr. Hansen’s wine team or one of our distribution partners in your region.

Beer, juice and fermented tea: Fermentation. Redefined. with SMARTBEV

As consumers shift towards healthier lifestyles, they are increasingly looking for natural ingredients, functional benefits, experimental flavors and craft appeal when seeking out beverages. Low/no alcohol options can tap demand for the 'permissible indulgence’ that consumers seek. To win in this growing space though, flavor is key.

With Chr. Hansen’s SMARTBEV range, we offer solutions for low/no alcohol beer, fermented juices, teas and more with our NEER® and Harvest LB-1 products. Although our extended range of fermented beverage solutions is a new area for Chr. Hansen, innovative fermentation is our specialty. With a team of some the most highly skilled fermentation experts in the industry and the largest collection of cultures in the world, we are able to perfectly pair our innovative concepts with your true brewing skills and techniques to create flavorful non-alcoholic beers, fermented juices or teas that cater to consumer pallets. Fermentation. Redefined: crafting on an industrial scale. 


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