NEER - Fermentation.Redefined.

SmartBev™ NEER®

Fermentation. Redefined. With a flavor-enhancing brewing solution for non-alcoholic beer.

Market challenge

Driven by alcohol and calorie reduction trends, both brewers and soft drink producers are on the look for the next generation malt-based beverages. The challenge, however, is the negative taste perception of non-alcoholic beers.

According to Mintel, Only 27% of German beer drinkers and 34% of Spanish beer drinkers think low/no alcoholic beer tastes just as good as full-strength beer (4-6% ABV). Only a clean, full-flavored non-alcoholic drink brewed from just four ingredients: water, barley, hops and yeast will convince even the most skeptical consumer.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

The specially isolated and selected strain used in NEER® converts monosaccharides into specific and desirable flavor compounds helping you produce a tasty brew without the alcohol. Our frozen specialty yeast utilizes a direct inoculation method that eliminates the need for propagation for ease of use.

This process also reduces planning complexity and time out of the production process, lowering risk and increasing productivity. The result is more than just a low-alcohol, low-calorie beer substitute; it’s a refreshing full-flavored drink that can hold its own on many occasion.


Fermentation characteristics 

  • Enhanced fruit flavors: high esters & thiols
  • Medium production of polysaccharides
  • Low ethanol production

Direct Inoculation means that NEER® is always ready when you need it and can be used for brewing of low alcohol or alcohol free beverages.

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