Chr. Hansen Vega plant-based cream cheese bagel

Creating value for the market of dairy and meat alternatives

Partner with us to offer flexitarian consumers the best

At Chr. Hansen, we believe that creating superior products for the food industry is just the first stage of our work. Purchasing our products is the start of our journey together, not the culmination. That is why we make sure that VEGA™ customers enjoy ongoing, hands-on support from Chr. Hansen’s dedicated global team of plant-based fermentation experts and application laboratories, from ideation to post-launch troubleshooting.

Chr. Hansen also invests in consumer and market research within the industry to ensure alignment between consumer needs and the features VEGA™ cultures bring to plant-based products – and shares relevant findings from this research with customers.

Chr. Hansen also offers additional support to customers through tailored innovation sessions, concept samples, collaborative research and application assistance. By partnering with customers at every stage of product development, Chr. Hansen aspires to set a new standard for quality and customer service, co-creating delicious plant-based products and bringing to them qualities that will appeal to modern flexitarian consumers.

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