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Policies and positions

Learn about our various commitments, policies and positions.

Chr. Hansen's vision to improve food and health is the guiding principle in everything we do. To guide us further, we have established a set of policies and positions that describe how we act on specific issues and establish our position on concrete matters with relevance to our employees and our external stakeholders.

Policies and positions


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With the aim of promoting equal pay for women and men, the Brazilian Government has recently enforced a law requiring all companies with more than 100 employees to share a report displaying data (compiled by the Brazilian Government) on remuneration between the genders – you can find the report for legacy Chr Hansen and legacy Novozymes here

As a company we believe in offering equal opportunities and ensuring that both women and men have the same rights, responsibilities, and opportunities for advancement based on merit. We are committed to ensure equal pay for equal work, and we will continue to champion diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our operations. We welcome all initiatives that promote equality and diversity. The data is compiled by the Brazilian Government, and you can read more about the context to the reports here.


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