Career paths and promotion opportunities

We employ many kinds of people with a diverse set of skills, educational background and personalities. Learn how you fit in.

The common denominator for all of Chr. Hansen’s employees is a strong “Hansen spirit,” which is one characterized by a fundamental eagerness to raise the bar and to do things better and smarter – always with an eye on creating value for our customers. We take pride in always being helpful to each other and staying open to new ideas.

Specialists and leaders

We have countless opportunities for job roles in Chr. Hansen. Basically, you can specialize within a certain area of expertise as a specialist or you can become a people leader. In Chr. Hansen, you will also find our own framework of what good people management looks like. We call it the Leadership Essentials.

Clear roles and responsibilities

Chr. Hansen has developed its own job architecture for you to better understand the role you are hired for, the responsibilities that follow the role and your career path. Our job architecture supports transparent career development throughout the company and makes it easier for you to understand what is expected of you and how to get promoted.

How to get promoted

We work in an environment with a high degree of cooperation across cultures and countries where we support each other in achieving personal and professional targets. As an employee, you will always have your own personal targets and career path.

1-2 times a year you will have a dialogue with your nearest leader about your targets, your development, and what it takes to be promoted. Promotions throughout the company are executed twice a year and are based on your performance and your potential.

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