Corporate functions

In our corporate functions you get the chance to work with Chr. Hansen in a global business perspective; ensuring our continuous growth and financial performance, CSR, IT structures, HR concepts, protection of our corporate brand and making sure that we comply with regulations. 

Be part of shaping and executing strategies

Our specialists serve as observant strategists helping the business across all markets to perform and deliver. You will be part of shaping, planning and executing strategies. 

Take Chr. Hansen to the next level

Our corporate functions are filled by highly ambitious professionals aiming to take Chr. Hansen to the next level in the way we perform internally as an organization and externally towards investors, customers, media and society at large. 

Test your talent in a global market

Regardless of whether you work in a headquarter function or in a corporate divisional function, you will work with projects and agendas that apply to Chr. Hansen on a global level. 

Your work will reflect the complex global market conditions in which Chr. Hansen operates, and you will have an excellent environment in which to test your talent and put your personal mark on how we run our business. 

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