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Plant Health

Applying nature to address global challenge

As the world population and households consumption continues to grow, global demand for food will steadily increase putting an unprecedented productivity pressure on the  global agricultural sector. UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that the output of every acre of farmland in the world will need to increase with >50 percent by 20501. At the same time, agrochemical solutions which was behind the majority of last century’s productivity gains in agriculture is facing headwind from both regulators and increasingly informed consumers requesting their food to be safe and healthy.

Microbial solutions will become an ever more important and safer way to address this productivity challenge.  Building on 140 years’ expertise within microbial solutions and food bacteria, we have entered the plant health market to become part of the solution. We aim to utilize our global leadership to provide a sustainable alternative to farmers world-wide - in line with Chr. Hansen’s strategy of becoming NATURE’S NO. 1™

1 FAOSTAT: World Agriculture Towards 2030/2050


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