Innovation, research and development

Products backed by science since 1874

Research and development has always been an important component of our business. Every day, we strive to understand nature’s processes and apply this knowledge to improve food and health. In other words, we use nature’s own resources to make a positive impact on the world around us.

We own the broadest and best range of cultures and access to around 50,000 microbial strains allows for extensive screening and selection of the best available combinations of strains. We have the know-how to transform these into safe and high-quality products and solutions that really work. 

Product development includes combining strains with known properties, as well as improving the characteristics of strains to meet specific requirements.

We use deep fundamental understanding of bioprocess engineering to optimize our factories’ production efficiency, which results in higher yields and the creation of products with improved stability.

Our R&D work is supported by a strong analytical platform, which includes genome sequencing and biochemical analysis.

On a global scale, we work closely with private and public research institutions, academia and business partners to create and secure innovative ideas and share knowledge for mutual benefit.

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