Chr. Hansen scientists contribute to prestigious scientific journal

Words from Chr. Hansen scientists about food biotechnology are being read all over the world in the prestigious scientific journal Current Opinions in Biotechnology’s special issue “Food Biotechnology 2019”

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Aug 26. 2019 11:57 GTM

The prestigious scientific journal Current Opinions in Biotechnology has published a special issue entitled Food Biotechnology 2019 featuring several contributions from Chr. Hansen scientists.

“Working on this issue allowed us to strengthen our network to influential scientists in the field. It has been a privilege helping them communicate their views on varied topics to a wider audience,” says Rute Neves, director in Bacterial Physiology, Research & Development who was a guest editor and – together with Herwig Bachmann from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – responsible for the content of this issue and ensuring its overall quality.

Neves and Bachmann also contributed to the editorial opening piece Microbial solutions in food biotechnology: fermentation, cell factories and beneficial microbes which summarizes the content of the issue.


Chr. Hansen scientists leading the way

With a fellow Chr. Hansen scientist, Solvej Precht, senior scientist in Bacterial Physiology, Research & Development, and Rafik Balti from the University of Jendouba, Tunisia, Neves also contributed as a co-author in the article Bioprotective mechanisms of lactic acid bacteria against fungal spoilage organisms of food.

“This contribution describes a variety of mechanisms of inhibition of fungi in foods, and it is very useful for explaining our concept of bioprotection to customers and authorities,” explains Precht.

Another article, Understanding mode of action can drive the translational pipeline towards more reliable health benefits for probiotics, included Johan van Hylckama Vlieg, former vice president in microbiome and human health, Human Health Management, as co-author.

“This article reports the outcome of an expert workshop – ILSI Europe Probiotics Task Force – involving Chr. Hansen scientists. It describes how challenging it is to fully understand the mechanisms behind well-established probiotic health benefits, and it proposes a conceptual pipeline, which could lead to development of new probiotic products,” explains Eric Johansen, associate vice president science, Emerging Technologies.

According to Patrick Derkx, vice president, Discovery Chr. Hansen will continue to share our knowledge about microbial solutions and food biotechnology. He concludes:

“All contributions are important accomplishments in the scientific community, and we are proud of our strong in-house knowledge and talented colleagues in Research & Development.” 


Current Opinions in Biotechnology: Food Biotechnology 2019

Food Biotechnology 2019

Current Opinions in Biotechnology is a prestigious scientific journal with a 2-year impact factor of 8.380, which indicates the importance of a scientific journal, based on how often articles in it have been cited in other papers. The top 5 percent of journals have impact factors above 6. The journal provides readers with expert views on current advances in biotechnology, including evaluation of the most important publications in the field. Read the issue.

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