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Welcome to Chr. Hansen Human Health

We are passionate about improving human health using natural, probiotic solutions

Excellence and innovation 

Founded on science more than 145 years ago in Denmark, Chr. Hansen is a global company with a strong heritage and extensive expertise in probiotics. We are a probiotic powerhouse and while our history of excellence grounds us, we lead the way for innovation.


Our science differentiates us from the rest 

Everything we do is backed by science and we are proud to offer the world’s most documented probiotic strains. Our purpose within Chr. Hansen Human Health is to bring microbiome-based probiotic health solutions to life and we do this by focusing our efforts on five key health areas: 

  • Infant and young children’s health 
  • Women’s health 
  • Gut health 
  • Immune health  
  • Novel health areas.


Caring and customer centric 

We have a strong and versatile customer base that we are proud of and we put them and prospective customers at the center of our actions. We understand the need for flexibility and customized solutions and offer co-development to ensure the needs of end consumers are met. 

Through our science-based approach, our high quality and safety standards, and our world class manufacturing supply reliability, we are your strong commercial partner for probiotic solutions and success.

If you’d like more information about how our probiotic strains support key health areas, go to The Probiotics Institute™ by Chr. Hansen. This is our educational website that provides accessible information about probiotics for consumers, customers and also health care professionals (HCPs.) 


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