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Creating value

Antibiotic residues pose a major problem to the dairy industry, as they can inhibit or slow down starter cultures in yogurt and cheese making, possibly resulting in major losses to the dairy concerned.

Another very serious issue of antibiotic residues is the consequence to human health. Residues can promote antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria and cause allergy and hypersensitivity in humans.

Therefore, authorities in an increasing number of countries require additional tests and impose strict concentration limits for antibiotic residues, in order to ensure better quality and safer milk for consumers.

How can we help?

Our test kits can help screen milk at the farm or before unloading the truck at the dairy. This will minimize the amount of milk that may have to be discarded and maximize cost efficiency and ensure that milk continues to be valued by consumers as healthy.

Consumers increasingly demand safe and natural foods. Consequently, a range of cultures have been developed to apply and create a positive eco-flora across numerous meat, poultry and fish applications.

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