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Creating value

How can you benefit from our expertise?

The global dairy industry is in transition these days:

  • Market leaders are suffering loosing market shares and bottom line.

  • New companies emerge, and within a few years they create new dairy categories. 

  • Milk is a scares resource — in some markets milk is the limiting factor for growth of topline, while in other markets milk prices limits profits. Conversely, other markets have milk surplus.

  • Consolidation of production sites and maximizing the use of production capacity is a key competitive advantage in mature markets. 

  • New opportunities arise in emerging markets and developing countries that require investment in production capacity, product development and commercial development.

Chr. Hansen strives to create value for our customers. Since 1874, our solutions have been based on strong research and innovation. We strive to understand nature’s own processes, and to apply this knowledge to create better food products and optimize production processes. Collaborating closely with Chr. Hansen gives you a competitive advantage in the market place. We aim to drive innovation with value-added ingredients towards new frontiers.