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Increase production yield & consistency

Explore our YOFLEX® and EXACT® cultures

Yield improvement is the road to success

Optimizing the yield of fromage frais and quark production is important for market success. Take advantage of Chr. Hansen’s in-depth tools, competence and cultures to increase your production yield by 1 to 3% or more with our new solutions. Ongoing efforts to develop new cultures and optimizing recipes for our customers has also led to the creation of new, advanced tools. We use robots to test hundreds of combinations to find an optimal culture. We have developed tools to follow the most important process in real time when implementing new solutions at our customers’ production sites.

Consistency is the foundation for your business

Consistency in the acidification of your yogurt, quark and fromage is paramount for optimizing your production yield. This will reduce your scrap rate and give you more flexibility in your production.YOFLEX® and EXACT® cultures are designed to give consistent acidification with low, post acidification.

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