Talent development

Chr. Hansen believes that professional and personal development for all employees are essential to meet our business goals and to remain competitive now and in the future. If you have a learning appetite, we have the learning environment. 

We believe that learning on the job and from your peers are as important as learning through formal courses. We entrust our employees with much responsibility from the very start and expect them to develop, perform and deliver in their roles. 

It's important for us to:

  • Ensure development opportunities for employees and leaders at all levels. 
  • Have high-quality training courses to develop competences clearly linked to organizational needs. 
  • Address training and development as key retention and motivation parameters.

Help you unlock your full potential

Talent comes in many sizes and shapes, and at Chr. Hansen we recognize and acknowledge when we have specially gifted employees. As a knowledge-based company we are highly dependent on attracting and retaining talented people. Therefore, we are dedicated to finding and nurturing talents at all levels by forming the right conditions for the individual to flourish.

Whether you display talent as a specialist, in the lab or as a leader, we will do our utmost to make you reach your full potential. We believe that your development and training not only benefit your personal career but also our customers, the reaching of our business goals and the co-workers you will inspire.

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