Programs to capture and grow talent

Explore our programs to capture and grow talent

To ensure our employees’ continuous development, we conduct an annual PDI (performance development interview) and offer a portfolio of on-the-job-training and development opportunities. 

We believe that the primary learning takes place in everyday work life. However, we also offer a range of other training and development programs.

Young Employees Lounge Open Close

Our headquarters in Hørsholm, Denmark, has a Young Employees Lounge taking place on a Friday afternoon once every quarter where young employees can grow their informal network.

Mentor program Open Close

For employees who want to boost their personal and professional development, we offer mentor programs with experienced leaders in Chr. Hansen. 

We believe that our fast-track mentoring program is a powerful way to recognize and grow talent within Chr. Hansen, while also building strong ties and collaboration across the organization.

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Development Travels (short-term assignment to one of our offices/subsidiaries) Open Close

Our Development Travels program is another opportunity to expand competences and develop your career. 

When participating in a Development Travels program, you will be assigned short-term to an international Chr. Hansen office/subsidiary for 4 to 12 weeks, where you will undertake new tasks that are specific to the country of visit. Again the ambition is to stimulate employees’ personal and professional development.

Operations Graduate Program Open Close

Start your international career

With Chr. Hansen’s Operations Graduate Program, we offer you a full-time, two-year learning journey giving you in-depth knowledge of our global operations working in one of our Food Culture & Enzymes plants and being part of global projects and processes.

But it will not end there. After the program, we will offer you a permanent position tailored to your competences.


Three rotations in two years

The program will take you through three job rotations, with at least one based in your home country and at least one abroad.

  1. The first rotation will be kicked off in your home country at one of our local Food Cultures & Enzymes plants. From day one you will be an integral part of a local production team, focusing either on continuous improvements or on getting products out the door for our global customers.

  2. In the second rotation, you will be working in one of our global teams which strive to ensure that we have robust, integrated processes across all plants and distribution centers. Examples of such teams are Global Sales & Operational Planning, Global Logistics, Global Process Management Group and Global Project Management Office (PMO)

  3. In the third round, you will work on an international project either in another plant organization or a global process team outside your home country.

No matter where you go, you will be immersed in a team based, non-hierarchical and agile atmosphere. We are proud to promote an inspiring and safe work environment and a collaborative culture full of passion to make a difference.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for engineering or manufacturing talents for one of three future career tracks all of which are key to ensure our global success: Deep production specialist (individual contributor), project manager or line people leadership. During the program, we will work with you to identify which of our three career paths is the right one for you.


What we offer?

  • Permanent hire from the beginning of the program.
  • Opportunity to build a manufacturing/production career with a company with a strong purpose rooted in sustainability.
  • A cross-functional job where you can be part in concrete and innovative projects.
  • A steep learning curve and high expectations. You will get excellent professional training and development in Chr. Hansen where sustainability is more than just a buzz word.
  • Assignment of a personal mentor during the whole program.

How do I become a Chr. Hansen graduate?

Find vacancies in Chr. Hansen posted on our job portal.

Management Trainee Program in China Open Close

At Chr. Hansen, we offer a 1.5-year Management Trainee Program in China, aiming to foster next generation employees in sales, marketing and R&D fields.

Four rounds of rotation

During the program, graduates will rotate through four departments in Beijing, China, each offering an opportunity to gain valuable in-depth knowledge. Trainees will be trained multipotent and identified for career paths either in specialist or leadership tracks.

  1. The first rotation will be kicked off at our R&D department for six months. You will be part of a creative team, participate in developing and optimizing our competitive products in the laboratories.

  2. The second rotation will take place in a sales team for six months. This rotation will provide you with chances to learn from customers directly. 

  3. In the third rotation, you will work in our supply chain organization for two months. This experience will give you a cross-functional view of our business flow.    

  4. In the fourth rotation, you will get an assignment in one of our marketing departments for four months, where you will acquire practical business to business marketing skills.

From trainee to full time employee

After completing the Management Trainee Program, you will be offered a position in a sales, marketing or R&D department and continue your development training. Eventually, you are expected to grow as a skilled specialist or capable team leader by five years of working with us. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for talents majored in Food Science or Food Technology to join us. Successful applicants will be highly motivated and promoted in a professional and efficient environment where cooperation and respect are the top priorities. Three excellent trainees have joined our Chr. Hansen family in China in 2019. For more information about our future program plan of 2020, please keep an eye on our Career site

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