3 different yoghurts


The best choice for thermophilic dairy applications such as stirred, set, drinkable and concentrated yogurt.

When producing yogurt, various parameters such as processing, milk base, milk powder, thickener and culture influence the characteristics of the final product. The main characteristics describing yogurt are mouth thickness, viscosity, gel firmness, ropiness, syneresis, mouth coating, smoothness, acidity, yogurt flavor (acetaldehyde), creaminess and astringency.

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The YOFLEX® culture range is a series of highly concentrated cultures specifically developed for thermophilic fermented milk applications. To match the broadest possible set of applications, the YOFLEX® culture range represents great diversity with respect to texture and flavor properties as well as acidification speed.

By selecting the right culture in the YOFLEX® culture range, yogurt can be given its desired quality and characteristics.

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