bowls with yogurt


A patented innovation in culture development

YOFLEX® ACIDIFIX® is a patented innovation in culture development that delivers unparalleled pH stability allowing for infinite flavor possibilities, unique texture and production cost benefits.

The unique culture creates very a mild yogurt base that is better suited for diverse flavor options than regular, more acidic, yogurt bases. With stable pH throughout shelf life, YOFLEX® ACIDIFIX® maintains a consistent flavor ensuring that your yogurt always tastes as intended, increasing consumer preference.

YOFLEX® ACIDIFIX® also revolutionizes traditional yogurt production by naturally preserving the texture otherwise lost in the yogurt manufacturing process, which holds significant cost optimization potential.


How can we help?

Due to its superior pH stability YOFLEX® ACIDIFIX® creates a wealth of opportunities for dairies. We have gathered those in three concepts: The New Yogurt, Cost Reduction and Superior pH Stability. They each hold benefits that can be translated into value creation:

  • Make a new type of yogurt not possible with other cultures
  • Save protein by next generation yogurt technology
  • Reap the benefits of consistent quality during shelf life

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