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The new yogurt

Create a fresh take on yogurt – for a new generation on the go

Market challenge

A new consumer group is coming up with very similar characteristics around the world: The millennials/Generation Y born between 1980 and 2000. To them yogurt is the perfect fast food: healthy, fresh tasting and wholesome. 

The group can be described by ethnic diversity and being adventure seeking. They are more willing to try new flavors and types of cuisine, and while they like to snack around the clock it is not sweets they are looking for – on the contrary they have their minds set on more wholesome and savory alternatives. Health and convenience are key purchase drivers (less processed and fresh flavors, natural and organic).

Chr. Hansen’s solution

YOFLEX® ACIDIFIX™ creates a very mild yogurt base that is well-suited for a much larger flavor palette than regular acidic yogurt bases. This enables yogurt manufactures to make a healthy yogurt that is portable in new delicious flavors, for instance green tea, water melon and chocolate.

The new culture helps you broaden your offering and attract new consumer groups through presenting unique and untraditional flavors. Inspiration can be sought from the ice cream industry, where flavor variety is much greater than for yogurts, thus making the yogurt an even more favored snack.


  • Mild flavor
  • Low post acidification
  • Flavor stays the same throughout shelf life 
  • Unbeatable consistent texture
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