Fermented tea - Fermentation.Redefined.

Harvest LB-1

Fermentation. Redefined. with a flavor enhancing, sugar reducing, natural culture for fermented juice and tea.

Market challenge 

100% juice is a category under pressure for both price and increasingly sugar and calorie content. According to Mintel, 100% juice has declined by 2% in Western Europe and 4% in North America. At the same time, vegetable juices are rising in popularity, but consumers are not accustomed to the earthy flavours that can be strong in vegetable juice. Consumers want the flavours they like in healthy, convenient, and safe formats. 
Kombucha and other infusions face other challenges with shelf-life with the risk of contaminants creating an unexpected production of alcohol. To produce safe fermented teas at scale and satisfy increasing consumer demand, different modes of production are needed.

Chr. Hansen Solution

Our Harvest LB-1 cultures satisfy the market needs for both fermented juices and teas. Available in a freeze-dried format for direct inoculation, Harvest LB-1 is easy and safe to use and protects your beverage from the development of alcohol producing organisms. 


Key benefits of Harvest LB-1

  • Consumes Sugar, adds mild acids
  • Naturally protects your product
  • Can be caused during traditional fermentation from wild potentially alcohol producing organisms
  • Clean and pleasant aroma profile
  • Reduction of earthy notes, which are undesired by consumers
  • Flavor complexity 
  • Fruity terpenes & esters, which are favorable to consumers
  • Controllable fermentation speed
  • Consistent performer

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