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SMARTBEV™ Harvest LB-1

For consistent and flavorful kettle-soured beer, ready in just 16 hours

Harvest LB-1 is the culture in Chr. Hansen’s SMARTBEV™ range of lactic acid bacteria specifically designed for use in sour beer. Harvest LB-1 contains a freeze-dried, direct-inoculation culture of Lactobacillus plantarum originally sourced from Spanish grape must and designed to optimize production while offering producers great results in every brew.


Streamline the brewing process for superior outcomes in every brew 

Chr. Hansen brings almost 150 years of fermentation experience to the sour beer space with its introduction of Harvest LB-1. The lactic acid bacteria enable brewers to create their kettle-soured beer predictably and consistently in just 16 hours – preserving the bright, refreshing flavors of modern sour beers. 

With options for both direct inoculation and co-inoculation, Harvest LB-1 makes kettle-soured beer brewing more straightforward and predictable, enabling producers to avoid the off flavors that can arise in uncontrolled, slower fermentations. In just 16 hours, producers can achieve reliably clean and refreshing flavors from a culture that ensures transparency of strain origin, a histamine-free brew, and a two-year shelf life between purchase and use for easier planning and optimized flexibility. 

When kettle-souring with Harvest LB-1, the fermentation process starts almost immediately due to the high cell count and purity of the culture. Chr. Hansen has developed Harvest LB-1 to produce clean and crisp flavors and aromas, and to deliver fast and safe acidification for the best possible results.  


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