beer and beetroot juice and lemonade


Fermentation. Redefined. with solutions for beer, fermented juice and teas

The SMARTBEV® range from Chr. Hansen offers solutions for low/no-alcohol and regular beer, as well as for fermented juices, teas and more. The range includes both unique yeast solutions, like our NEER® products, as well as lactic acid bacteria solutions, such as those used in our Harvest range.

Yeast fermentation is at the heart of great beer, and innovative fermentation is what we strive to offer our customers. Perfecting fermentation results in delicious flavor, mouthfeel and balance in a wide range of beverages. Our large culture collection and highly skilled team combine the resources, knowledge and passion to perfectly pair our innovative concepts with your brewing skills and techniques. The result? Appealing, flavorful beers and beverages your customers crave – both with and without alcohol – created within an optimized process where sustainability is high on the agenda.


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