beer and beetroot juice and lemonade


Fermentation. Redefined. with solutions for beer, fermented juice and teas.

As consumers shift towards healthier lifestyles, they are increasingly looking for natural ingredients, functional benefits, experimental flavors and craft appeal when seeking out beverages. Low/no alcohol options can tap demand for the 'permissible indulgence’ that consumers seek. To win in this growing space though, flavor is key. 

With Chr. Hansen’s SmartBev range, we offer solutions for low/no alcohol beer, fermented juices, teas and more with our NEER® and Harvest LB-1 products. Although our extended range of fermented beverage solutions is a new area for Chr. Hansen, innovative fermentation is our specialty. With a team of some the most highly skilled fermentation experts in the industry and the largest collection of cultures in the world, we are able to perfectly pair our innovative concepts with your true brewing skills and techniques to create flavorful non-alcoholic beers, fermented juices or teas that cater to consumer pallets. Fermentation. Redefined: crafting on an industrial scale. 


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