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Better "promise consistency" per bottle

Take advantage of Chr. Hansen’s know-how in fermentation to deliver natural, authentic wines loved by consumers


Consistency, the secret to avoid uniformity!

  • Wine is now a global discussion topic and a global market. Brands and branding will become more important in the next decade, and a successful brand needs excellent product definition. This definitional effort will help develop the brief for winemakers, grape selection by grape growers and also all communication and promotional elements: final product color, general flavor profile, labels, bottles, etc.

  • In this global move to more wine brands, consumers are asking for authenticity to not compromised; instead they want it to be preserved, emphasized and better communicated. Winemaking improvements do not lead to uniformity; on the contrary these result in a better expression of grapes, terroirs and the diversity of winemakers’ styles.

  • With consumers coming from various regions of the world and occasionally countries with a low per-capita wine consumption, delivering information about where the wine is made and how it is made will be key. Consumer demand for unbiased and authentic information will become the rule. Consumer expectations are pretty clear about what should be in the bottle: organic grapes, processed by the most natural processes possible, with limited adjunctions of products such as sulfites.

To deliver wines enjoyable all around the world, winemakers and wineries now have to focus their attention on fermentation management

  • With 5 to 10% of the wines having their quality downgraded during the winemaking process, focusing on better practices that will preserve the initial potential is the way to improve the overall quality. This focus on fermentation management is becoming a primary objective for many advanced winemakers and wineries: it is a sustainable, natural way to improve the volumes produced and the quality, creating value for wineries and consumers. 
  • VINIFLORA® products help winemakers to focus, improve and better manage their alcoholic and malolactic fermentations to avoid early downgrades or spoilages during wine maturation at a later stage. Our bio-protective cultures and our expertise in fermentation management and bio-protection are renown all around the world. We are committed to protecting and preserving the inherent potential in grapes once harvested, and this helps create authentic and natural wines that both winemakers and consumers can enjoy and be proud of!

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