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Changing the way we think of malolactic fermentation in low SO2 wine. Speed and bioprotection in one bacteria

VINIFLORA® NOVA is a Lactobacillus plantarum strain to be used in a completely new way of malolactic fermentation. With VINIFLORA® NOVA, malolactic fermentation will take place before and during the alcoholic fermentation. VINIFLORA® NOVA is inoculated in the must, and 24 hours later the yeast can be inoculated. We call this approach “reverse malolactic fermentation”.

VINIFLORA® NOVA is homofermentative in wine conditions, meaning it cannot produce acetic acid from sugar. Therefore, NOVA can be added to the must without any risk of producing volatile acidity (VA).

VINIFLORA® NOVA is ideal for low-malic-acid must, where there is a high risk of spontaneous lactic-acid bacteria contamination and high VA production. VINIFLORA® NOVA will finish the malolactic fermentation in 2 to 4 days without the production of VA (figure 1).

Reverse inoculation with VINIFLORA® NOVA also speeds up the overall winemaking process, and the wine will be ready for stabilization immediately after alcoholic fermentation. Remember that the alcoholic will finish after the malolactic fermentation, without any risk of VA.

Conventional malolactic fermentation gives a small pH increase. However, this is not the case with VINIFLORA® NOVA, which will complete the malolactic fermentation in the must without increasing the pH, which aids the winemaker in keeping the pH down in warm regions, where high pH is often an issue.

An addition contribution of VINIFLORA® NOVA is an increase in fruity aroma and flavor, especially red and blackberry attributes. This means that VINIFLORA® NOVA will not only give the winemaker an amazingly fast malolactic fermentation, but also an more aromatic wine overall.

VINIFLORA® NOVA will keep your must and wine clean – ideal for no/low-SO2 wines

VINIFLORA® NOVA is a bacterium with many advantages. In addition to the fast malolactic fermentation, NOVA production, no pH increase and a more aromatic wine, VINIFLORA® NOVA has a bioprotective effect against unwanted spoilage organisms.

Acetic-acid bacteria are one of the big scourges of winemaking. They are quite SO2 tolerant and therefore hard to avoid in winemaking. However, VINIFLORA® NOVA now gives you a biological way of avoiding acetic-acid bacteria and thereby excessive VA in the wine. VINIFLORA® NOVA has proven to inhibit the growth of acetic-acid bacteria in wine.

Furthermore, VINIFLORA® NOVA has proven, anti-fungal activity in grape must. Botrytis and other molds decrease the quality of wine by producing toxins and the potential risk of stuck alcoholic fermentation. Therefore molds are not desired in winemaking.

VINIFLORA® NOVA will give you a fast and secure malolactic fermentation, and a clean and aromatic final wine.

VINIFLORA® NOVA is the ideal tool for winemakers wanting to produce low/no SO2 wines!

Viniflora NoVa Graph
Figure 1. Reverse malolactic fermentation with VINIFLORA® NOVA™ in low malic acid and therefore very difficult wine; Syrah, Chile 2015 (pH 3.7, Brix 24, TSO2 9ppm)

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