Probiotic capsules

Our production process ensures top-quality results for probiotics, from STRAIN TO SOLUTION™

As one of the only fully integrated suppliers of probiotic solutions, our unique production model enables us to meet all of your needs with top-quality solutions for raw materials and exclusively manufactured custom solutions

At Chr. Hansen Human Health, we are proud to be one of the world’s only fully integrated suppliers of probiotic solutions. This unique advantage allows us to address and meet your requests across the value chain. Because our integrated model allows for full control of the production process, we are able to ensure top-quality results from STRAIN TO SOLUTION.  

The process we undergo to produce our probiotics is precise, targeted and guarantees that final products have the probiotic power to match their label guarantees. The following is an overview of our production process, from initial fermentation to finalization. 


Fermentation begins with the careful selection of a given probiotic strain that is then documented for genetic identification, viability and stability. From there, the development process begins. Our in-house bioprocessing teams design a custom protocol for growing and harvesting each strain before handing it over for scaled production. Each batch is produced to the highest of quality levels and tested to ensure alignment with the most stringent regulatory requirements.  


Chr. Hansen – a trusted supplier  

We have been a trusted supplier of lactic acid bacteria for more than a century. As a leader within our field, we are proud to offer our customers the following quality controls and guarantees across our product offerings: 

  • Certified and authorized production facilities in Denmark and the United States 

  • Three manufacturing and quality levels including Dietary Supplement Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade and Infant Grade (suitable even for pre-term infants) 

  • State-of-the-art production facilities designed to support the maintenance of live and stable probiotic bacteria 

  • Development and release of safe, effective probiotic products with adequate cell counts. 

Production of finished goods  

After our probiotic strains have undergone the initial fermentation process, they are carefully shipped for further processing. From there, our in-house research and development team will create and test your product solution to ensure it meets your requirements for strain composition, dosage form and packaging type.  

While the foundation of every formulation we create is comprised of our probiotics, our team also has experience in using additional ingredients and flavors that can be combined to create offerings with all of the characteristics you need. Our in-house flavor experts combine art and science to create uniquely formulated flavors that enhance your probiotic offering without altering the beneficial properties of the live strains they contain. 


Applying our expertise to perfecting your probiotic solutions 

Our research and development teams will work with you to co-create custom solutions that meet your needs and elevate your products. They will oversee formulating, manufacturing and testing for your probiotic solutions, managing the process from start to finish. Production will take place in one of our state-of-the-art facilities, which are designed specifically to support the maintenance of live cultures throughout production and to guarantee probiotic efficacy once your products reach consumers. Once your probiotics have been produced, they can be deployed in a wide range of applications, including powder for infant formula, blended powders, capsules, chewable tablets, lozenges, DryCap® shots, T-WIN sticks and oil drops.  

At Chr. Hansen, we are pleased to offer you superior probiotic solutions manufactured for quality, stability and safety, guaranteeing your satisfaction from STRAIN TO SOLUTION.  



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