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Chr. Hansen’s probiotic combination – ASTARTE™ 

The most commonly found bacterial species in a healthy vaginal microbiota  

A combination of four probiotic strains isolated from the vaginal tract of healthy pregnant women. ASTARTE has been found to help support a healthy vaginal microbiome and help provide relief from vaginal bacteria imbalance. It also helps support the vaginal microbiota in the neovagina of transgender women.

In order to find the four strains that make up ASTARTE, numerous bacterial species and probiotic strains were isolated. The four most dominant species were found, and the four strains present in the ASTARTE combination were selected after careful research into the specific traits of the bacterial strains.

The strain combination has since been investigated both in preclinical studies and scientific studies and shown to support the maintenance of a healthy vaginal microbiota.


ASTARTE helps support a healthy vaginal microbiota

The ASTARTE strain combination has been associated with several beneficial effects in women. It may:  

  • Help support a healthy vaginal microbiome with the most commonly found species in a healthy vaginal microbiota1-6 
  • Support a healthy vaginal bacterial balance in combination with health care intervention
  • Reduce vaginal discharge and odor in connection to vaginal bacterial imbalance1
  • Seed the vaginal microbiota with lactobacillus strains2
  • Help reduce complaints of vaginal discomfort2
  • Help reduce complaints of gastrointestinal discomforts2 
  • Help improve the vaginal microbiota in the neovagina in transgender women.3

Full control of all manufacturing steps so ASTARTE is safe and of high quality 

Chr. Hansen has a unique manufacturing process with full control of all steps during the production of our probiotic strains. This results in high quality probiotic strains with superior quality and safety.  

The ASTARTE strains have been provided to teens, premenopausal, pregnant and postmenopausal women, and transgender women without safety issues.  


ASTARTE named Probiotic Product of the Year 

ASTARTE was named Probiotic Product of the Year in 2019 at the NutraIngredients Awards. 


ASTARTE is a trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S.



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