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Lactobacillus acidophilus, DDS-1®

Digestive and immune support for children and adults

Chr. Hansen’s probiotic strain for digestive health, Lactobacillus acidophilus, DDS-1® (hereafter referred to by use of the trademark, DDS-1®) is one of the acidophilus strains scientifically shown to be suitable for children and adults.

With over decades of scientific research, the DDS-1® strain is one of the most thoroughly studied acidophilus strains in the industry.

Lactobacillus acidophilus, DDS-1® was first discovered and isolated in 1959 and scientific research continues today. This individual strain was selected based on its superior growth, stability and health potential.


Supporting healthy stool patterns and help reduce bloating

As a stand-alone strain, some studies suggest that DDS-1® may:

  • Assist with overall digestive health and comfort4
  • Support healthy stool frequency4
  • Support regular bowel movements4, 5
  • Support bowel movement comfort4, 5
  • Potentially reduce occasional bloating4
  • Potentially help improve quality of life as impacted by digestive health4
  • Support perceived stress reduction as impacted by digestive health4
  • Contribute to a healthy gut flora6, 7
  • Support lactose digestion.1


Children’s blend may support skin health and immune health

When combined with Bifidobacterium, UABla-12, at the appropriate amount, the studies suggest that the children's blend may:

  • Provide skin health support2
  • Support immune health2
  • Support respiratory tract health3
  • Help support children’s health3
  • Support fewer missed school days.3

Four-strain blend may support regular bowel movements

In a four-strain blend, DDS-1® strain played an important role in two studies suggesting ability to:

  • Support digestive health5
  • Support healthy bowel patterns5
  • Help maintain normal bowel movement5
  • Help maintain regularity and promote gut comfort5
  • Contribute to reducing abdominal discomfort and bloating.8


Scientific documentation of the benefits of the DDS-1® strain

Lactobacillus acidophilus, DDS-1® is one of the original commercialized probiotics for dietary supplementation and has a multitude of scientific studies supporting digestive and immune health outcomes.

In one of the more recent human studies the DDS-1® strain met the primary and secondary objectives with statistical significance.4


Primary objective: reduction of abdominal discomfort

The primary objective of alleviating abdominal discomfort, which is a key driver of health-related quality of life, was achieved in subjects receiving the DDS-1® strain as compared to placebo. Statistical significance (p=0.018) was met at three weeks the degree of significance continued to improve with an overall discomfort alleviation of 36.1% at six weeks (p<0.001).4


Scientific study, secondary objective: stool frequency

In the same digestive health study, subjects receiving the probiotics reported normal stool consistency and improved regularity based on the Pearson Chi Square test. The group receiving the DDS-1® strain showed statistical significance through six weeks with a 28.5% change (p<0.002).4

DDS-1® and UABla-12 are trademarks of Chr. Hansen A/S.




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