Trabalho na Chr. Hansen

Saiba como é trabalhar na Chr. Hansen, explore fatos e números dos funcionários e leia sobre nosso programa de integração para novos funcionários

A Chr. Hansen é uma empresa dinamarquesa global e moderna, com uma forte herança cultural acumulada devido aos seus 143 anos de experiência. Nosso fundador foi um verdadeiro empreendedor, com uma mentalidade internacional, e essa mentalidade ainda está muito presente. Apesar do crescimento de dois dígitos nas taxas, nos últimos anos, ainda somos uma organização não hierárquica e ágil, que luta para promover uma cultura colaborativa, imbuída do respeito e da cooperação com clientes, colegas e todas as outras partes interessadas.

Nossos melhores embaixadores

Nossos funcionários são o segredo do nosso sucesso e, ao mesmo tempo, nossos melhores embaixadores. Como organização, queremos desenvolver um ambiente de trabalho inspirador e desafiador, com um bom equilíbrio entre vida pessoal e profissional. Queremos que a Chr. Hansen seja um local em que as pessoas se orgulhem de seu trabalho. 

Employee satisfaction Abrir Fechar

We are proud to have very satisfied employees. In our recent global employee engagement survey, Engagement Matters, we got 4.3 on a 5-point scale for the entire company. Actually, for the third straight year our satisfaction scores have increased.

Having highly engaged employees is key to future business success. And it makes it a lot more fun to go to work. That is why we measure employee engagement once a year and use the responses actively to keep improving Chr. Hansen as a workplace.

We take action on engagement elements showing room for improvement, and in the latest survey we’ve increased our overall scores on ‘Recognition’ and ‘My opinion counts’, especially. Now, we have some of the highest scores compared to our peers.

Attractive compensation policy and benefit system Abrir Fechar

It is important to us to attract, engage and retain employees with the experience and knowledge needed to reach our strategic goals, while supporting our company culture. Our salaries, compensation policy and benefit systems reflect that.

We provide an attractive salary, financial and non-financial reward elements, and a pension ensuring that you are well protected in your retirement phase of life. Our benefits packages vary by country based on local practice, but they all reflect the skills and performance of our employees, as well as their contribution to our company.

The world’s best colleagues

We are proud to offer a work environment with highly engaged colleagues who are among the world’s best within their expertise. In addition, our people managers are highly appraised in our annual employee satisfaction survey.

Healthy people are happy people

In Chr. Hansen we are passionate about improving food and health. This goes for our employees as well. We believe that healthy employees are happy employees. That is why we offer our employees the best opportunities to have a healthy work life.

Depending on location, we offer e.g. a healthy lunch buffet, private medical insurance, access to well-equipped fitness centers, as well as active sports to name a few.

Our employees also enjoy getting to know each other at cultural events, fun team building activities and family days. 

A safe work environment Abrir Fechar

In Chr. Hansen we are committed to creating a safe physical and psychological work environment. Using globally implemented safety concepts and systems, we focus on creating a safety mindset with all employees making our employees feel safe while working.

Take 5!

Our global safety concept, Take 5, reminds our employees to take a moment to assess the situation and the immediate work environment before beginning the work. In its simple form, this is about activating the mind before the hands to reduce the risk of preventable incidents. The concept has been rolled out across all Chr. Hansen sites and has successfully reduced work accidents.