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Attractive, long-term opportunities supported by strong mega trends

The Chr. Hansen business model builds on the Company’s unique solutions and strong innovation platform, a scalable production setup and strong customer relationships. Chr. Hansen holds leadership positions in several attractive niche markets, supported by several global trends that offer promising growth opportunities. Addressing global issues like reducing food waste and improving productivity in farming and food production are two clear examples of where Chr. Hansen can make a difference.


Inherently sustainable: 82% of revenue contributes to the un global development goals

Social responsibility is an integral part of Chr. Hansen’s vision to improve food and health for current and future generations. 82% of Chr. Hansen’s revenue supports UN Global Goals 2, 3 and 12, with a positive impact on the environment as well as on animal and human well-being. This was the conclusion of a large-scale assessment of Chr. Hansen’s entire product portfolio, conducted in 2017/18 and reviewed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Strong capabilities in each step of the value chain

The majority of Chr. Hansen’s innovations derive from a strong bioscience technology platform based on in-depth capabilities. Scientific knowledge of bacterial strain properties, know-how of fundamental bioprocess engineering, and access to around 30,000 microbial strains allows for extensive screening and selection of the best available combinations of strains for new improved products and solutions. 
Upscaling new cultures to be able to use industrial scale production is another competitive advantage, giving benefits of scalability and good production economics. Supporting customers in applying our technology is the final step in the value chain and helps to build customer satisfaction and loyalty – and this leads to further discovery of new opportunities.

Shared R&D platform – the microbial platform

Food Cultures & Enzymes and Health & Nutrition share a common research and production platform. The R&D platform is a process of screening, developing, and upscaling microbes. Production is the optimization of recipes, flows and infrastructure for the fermentation of microbes. 

A scalable production platform

Chr. Hansen holds significant competencies in upscaling production of bacterial strains to an industrial level. Production is managed centrally to ensure optimization of production facilities by serving the world from a consolidated production setup. Cultures for Food Cultures & Enzymes are produced at locations in Denmark, France, Germany and the US, while enzymes are produced in Denmark and Germany. Production of cultures for Health & Nutrition takes place at facilities in Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic, and the US. Production for Natural Colors takes place at facilities in Brazil, China, Denmark, Italy, Peru and the US.

Strong customer relationships 

Chr. Hansen has strong and long-term strategic relationships with many of its customers, building on more than 140 years of experience. Solutions are often customized to meet customer demands, such as local taste preferences.
Chr. Hansen’s solutions offer an attractive cost-to-value ratio for customers, supporting their need for both process optimization and product innovation. 

Chr. Hansen develops and maintains relationships with existing and new customers by providing a superior customer experience that builds on strong customer and consumer insights combined with local technical competencies. In more than 140 countries, Chr. Hansen offers its customers solutions that are adapted to local preferences and can be applied under local conditions. Customer relationships are often managed locally through a direct Chr. Hansen presence in key markets, supported by a global network of application and development centers. In some markets Chr. Hansen also works with a network of distributors and agents.
Chr. Hansen has a diverse customer base, serving large multinationals, regional and local customers, from farmers and dairies to other food & beverage manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.